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Without further ado, here is the download you were promised! (The interviews will arrive in your inbox one-by-one within the next week.  I figured you have enough on your plate now with reading the book, so it's probably best to space things out a bit.)

The Debt Destroyer

Now I know you're in a hurry to get your hands on this thing 😉

And I don't blame you. Because it's a great tool and you're going to love it!

But, I want this thing to work for you, so before you download it, there are a few details you need to be aware of.

Devices That the Debt Destroyer WILL Work On:

The Debt Destroyer was designed for use on devices that support Apache OpenOffice.

1. Your desktop computer

2. Your laptop

Devices That the Debt Destroyer Does NOT Work On:

1. Smart Phones

2. Tablets (for example, iPads)

3. Kindles

Watch this short video before you download the Debt Destroyer

Required Software The Debt Destroyer will work perfectly if you use Apache's OpenOffice, a free open-source software package that you can download at https://www.openoffice.org/.   (I use it, and it works nicely.) There are versions available for both Mac and PC.

If you use Apache OpenOffice from the link above, please click HERE and download THIS VERSION of the Debt Destroyer.  That will provide you with a .ods file.

November 23, 2016 update: If you prefer Microsoft Excel... Unfortunately, the Debt Destroyer does not work in Microsoft Excel, even when I create a compatible file type such as a .xls file.  The macro that is responsible for doing the sorting gets stripped out when the .xls file is downloaded, and I have no idea why so I had to remove that option.  Sorry about that!

If you want to use the Debt Destroyer on your phone, Kindle, or tablet, I don't know how to do that, or if it's even possible.  If you're a computer whiz, maybe you can make it work on those devices - but I'm not, so, I'm afraid you're on your own if you want to use it on anything other than a desktop computer or laptop.  Sorry! 🙁

And whatever you do,  don't do anything crazy like changing the file format that it came in when you first downloaded it.  For example, if you download it as .ods file, don't save it as a .xlt or a .pdf file.  The wrong file format can break the Debt Destroyer and you'd have to download a shiny new copy and start from scratch.

Required Reading Don't worry if you don't completely understand how to use all of the features in the Debt Destroyer just yet - it is all explained in the download itself.  So just download it for now, then read the included directions to get complete instructions for its use. Got it? Okay.

If you have any trouble with the download, just drop me an e-mail via my contact form and I promise to get back to you as soon as I can!

*** If you are viewing this page on your Smart Phone, Tablet, or Kindle, please STOP what you're doing right now - instead, come back to this page once you are on your desktop or laptop computer.  The download will only work properly if you are on a desktop or laptop computer.