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Jenette Clay

I'm glad I decided to enroll in Avery's course, How to Become a Freelance SEO Writer, because she took me from timid, to confident. Her instructions were clear and concise. I've also noticed that she updates the course with improvements. It was well worth my money and I would spend that money again.

SEO writing might not be for everyone, but I have found that I am good at it and I enjoy it. It is no exaggeration to say that what she has taught me has been life changing for me (and my husband who has also started earning from freelance work online). I am so glad to have found her.

Jenette Clay, My Words for Hire

Do you want a flexible source of extra income?

You're not alone.  That's the reason I started freelance SEO writing.

I also wanted to free myself from the 9 to 5 rat race.  I wanted to take control of when I worked, and where.  SEO writing did all that for me, and more!

 Imagine using SEO writing to earn extra cash in your spare time, with the flexibility to ramp it up into a full-time biz if you want.

 It's been very good to me, and do you know what I always tell people?

"I'd love nothing more than for it to be just as good to you!"

But you've got to learn the ropes first.

And that's what this course is for.

It'll teach you everything I wish I'd known back when I was first starting out.  It's so much more than I could ever fit in a book, or even in an email series.

And it'll help you avoid getting stuck over and over again like I did.

The BIG misconception...
SEO writing is dead.

But... that myth is...


The TRUTH is,

SEO writing is needed now more than ever. 

Why?  Because businesses want people to discover their websites for FREE via Google searches, in the hopes that the people who find them become loyal, paying customers.  And a website is more likely to appear prominently in Google search results if it's packed full of genuinely useful content that's been optimized for Google searches.

High quality SEO articles are the solution that savvy business owners need, and are willing to pay top dollar for. 

Get EVERYTHING you need to know to succeed

Get your SEO writing biz up and running faster, and waste less time second-guessing yourself.  You get full access to everything I know about SEO writing.

Remember, nothing that I share with you is theory - it works in the real world.  And, I’m nobody special.  I had no contacts and no experience with freelancing when I started.

This is a comprehensive, complete guide to starting a brand new SEO writing biz.

Even if you have NO experience, NO contacts, and NO credentials.

Frank Healy

Avery is one of the best teachers and coaches I have worked with.

She gives an excellent comprehensive course on SEO writing.

When you have a question she always answers on the same day and sometimes within an hour. When you have a question or get stuck with something she always had great suggestions.

She shows a lot of enthusiasm and truly cares about her students.

I would recommend her to anyone.

Frank Healy

12 Modules, and Over 60 Lessons

Introduction to SEO writing

Ease into the world of SEO writing with an introduction to important concepts.  See how the success mindset can help you succeed with SEO writing.  Learn the insiders lingo you need to communicate effectively with your clients.  (Immediate Access)

Set up your business within a week

Learn key tactics for writing SEO content that makes clients beg for more, common pitfalls to avoid, an 8-step process for writing sample articles that are exactly what clients are looking for, see examples of SEO articles along with a video showing exactly how I create them in as little as 20 minutes (shot in real time), how to use my tools of the trade via video demos, tips and tricks for producing error-free work that impresses the hell out of clients, my ninja trick for making your portfolio stand out (even if you have no experience!), and how to find the best clients for your pitch.  (Immediate Access)

Create a writing services website that's a client magnet

Find out exactly what language to use on your writing services website to attract clients.  Watch the video tutorials that lead you step-by-step through setting up your website - this includes everything: buying a name for your site, setting up your hosting account and webmail, choosing the right plugins to customize and protect your site, plus, how to buy and install an affordable theme that makes your website look like it was set up by a pro!  (Immediate Access)

How to navigate the content mill minefield

Find out what a content mill is, the pros and cons of working for one, typical payment models, and important cautions that every freelance writer should be aware of before agreeing to work for one.  Plus, you'll get links to examples of this type of website.  (Immediate Access)

Successfully get clients from freelancing websites

See how to get started on a freelancing website, even with no experience or credentials.  Learn how to set up a killer profile, how to identify good clients to work for, how to find the right kind of jobs, and how to cut out the middle man.  (Immediate Access)

Land higher-paying clients via my cold-email techniques

See how to quickly build up a client base that pays good money.  Find out who to pitch and when, what language to use in your pitches (you even get my email templates), and how to tell prospects what they want to hear!  Use my 5-step checklist for vetting clients, find out how avoid the bad apples and find your dream clients, plus get scripts for negotiating your rates.  You'll also learn how to make higher profits by cutting out the middle man.  (Immediate Access)

Handle Skype interviews with confidence

See how to make your prospects LOVE you by the time the conversation is over.  Learn how to handle Skype calls in a way that gives you the advantage of knowing what clients want before you have to do any talking.  Find out how to use this information to sell your services more effectively.  (Immediate Access)

Do's and don'ts of working with clients

Learn my fool-proof technique for setting rates, how to maximize client satisfaction with your work, things you must know before you write a single word for a client, must-have policies for your biz (including templates and wording), payment and invoicing procedures, plus contracts.  (Immediate Access)

Outsourcing to grow your biz

See how outsourcing the writing can grow your biz, give you a break from the writing, and increase your "hourly rate".  Learn how to find good writers, and how to manage them.  Includes templates and wording for job postings, assigning articles to writers, follow-up emails, and more.  (Access in Week 5 of the Course)

Advanced gigs

An SEO writing client may ask you to do special projects from time to time.  Learn how to price and handle requests to write video scripts, ebooks, premium blog posts, press releases, newsletters, and proofreading gigs.  (Access in Week 5 of the Course)

Sample article and email pitch reviews...

One of the keys to landing SEO writing clients is having a portfolio.  But if, like me, you have no experience when you're first starting out, you have to hack this.

The secret to success is to create a portfolio of sample articles that you can show off to potential clients.

The next crucial ingredient to successfully landing clients, even with no experience, is an attention-getting email pitch.

It's critical that you get this stuff right.

All students get access to complete instructions for writing amazing sample articles and an effective email pitch that impresses the hell out of clients.  Examples are included too.  But let's face it, sometimes getting personalized help is handy and a real time saver.

So, if you sign up for the Pro or Master Level,

you'll get access to one of the most requested course features:

My personalized review of all 4 of your sample articles,


...a review of your email pitch.  

I'll help you make sure they're perfect.

Coaching calls and unlimited email support...

To save time and help you land your first clients even faster, the Master level includes 12 weekly 1-on-1 coaching calls with me.

The Master level also provides you with unlimited email support for 1 year.

This is a great option if you don't want to waste time getting stuck with indecision, if you want personalized answers to all of your specific SEO writing questions.

Are you a good fit for this course?

This opportunity isn't for everyone. Before you jump into this, you need to make sure that you meet the following criteria:

  • You're a native English speaker (or able to write as if you are)
  • You're a hard worker, and understand that this course will require effort on your part
  • You're willing to work on improving your writing skills, if necessary
  • You believe in the value of investing in yourself to learn new skills

And I'm not gonna lie.  Although I found freelance SEO writing to be faster and easier to get up and running than any other online biz I've ever tried, it still requires time and effort.

It's NOT a "get rich quick" thing.

But if you ask me, it's well worth the effort to get the freedom and flexibility of earning extra money via freelance SEO writing.

How much time will I need to do this?

I recommend that you set aside 1-2 hours a day for this course.  Don't get me wrong, you can put in less time, and still succeed, but the more time you put into it, the faster you'll see results.


If you're ok with all that...

There's no better time than now to get started

Get the help you need to succeed.  Get your questions answered.

Stop spinning your wheels once and for all.  START EARNING.

How much would it be worth to find out everything you need to know starting now?

Imagine being able to skip all the fumbling around that you'd have to go through if going it alone...

Think how much sooner you could start making money if you had the right instruction...

7-Day Money-Back Guarantee

  • Take the course for a test-drive for 7 days. You've got nothing to lose, and everything to gain. And if for any reason you want out, all you have to do is send me an e-mail to ask for a refund within 7 days of joining and you'll get your money refunded asap!

To be perfectly honest, I went all out with this course and I'd be shocked if you want a refund, but it's there for you if you feel the need for it. 🙂

I Am 100% Committed to Your Success

  • It's very important to me that you make more money from SEO writing than what you spent on this course.
  • If you don't make back at least the full amount of your course tuition by the end of 3 months from the date that you started the course, I'll provide you with an additional FREE 30-minute coaching call to help get you back on track during your fourth month in the course.

Online Content Writing Boot Camp - OPTIONAL ADD-ON

  • over a dozen writing practice exercises to help you write like a pro - so you can land clients more easily by knocking their socks off with your work
  • error-free work is key to keeping clients, and none of us are born with this skill - improve your proofreading in a realistic setting, using real SEO articles
  • get links to over a dozen SEO articles online - get a feel for the various styles of SEO writing so you can write with confidence
  • work through it at your own pace - includes written and video instruction, plus downloadable exercises and solutions
Melinda Torr

Avery has been very helpful and has gone out of her way to answer questions that I have had about writing, the course and clients. I highly recommend this course.

The course is very clear and easy to follow, and my SEO writing is going well. I am getting most of my work through a large company: it's all blogging that goes on the client's websites. I have two other smaller clients and they generally require copy for clients' websites. Plus, I do the odd Upwork project!

Melinda Torr, SEO Writing Biz

STEP 1 - Choose the level of support you need

You DON'T have to settle for a one-size-fits-all course.

Select the level of support that's perfect for YOUR needs.


Get started for less than $6 a day

with the Self-Study monthly pricing plan.